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InShape app is the creation of Anhfit's members and Trybe's teams, its unique programs and features designed to speed up your progress, mainly booty gains, muscles toning and fat loss. Each program is composed for you from A to Z. Are you ready to become your best? If you're aiming for a Peachy Booty then those plans are for you! I will take you through full body workouts every week, but our focus will be on your lower body!

1. Home booty gains level 2

Duration:4 weeks
Location:At Home
Workouts per week:4 - 5
You'll need:yoga mat, dumbbells, ankle weights, resistance bands, step/chair/sofa
Focus:Curvier hips and bubble butt! if you’re aiming for fuller hips and rounder booty, this program is for you.
Take your gains to the next level, feel your glutes muscles through the exercises.
You’ll also be training your abs and full body the entire week
Cardio:Medium / High (max 2 days a week)

2. Home Booty + Body Boost Level 1

Duration:6 weeks
Location:At Home
Workouts per week:4 - 5
You'll need:Yoga mat, dumbbells, resistance band, step/sofa/chair.
Focus:BOOTY! I'll make sure you get to work through your whole body during the week. It's a booty focused plan, not a booty only plan ;)


3. GYM Booty + Body Boost

Duration:6 weeks
Workouts per week:4 - 5
You'll need:Fully equipped gym. Smith machine, cable machine, barbells, dumbbells, leg extension, leg curl, bench, booty bands, treadmill, kettlebells, step up board.
Focus:BOOTY! Weight training is an upgrade level of your progress to build more strength and grow a round bubble butt. I will guide you day by day, step by step with suitable exercises to help you effectively build and grow your glutes. You will also be training your whole body during the week. Your journey will be fun, enjoyable and of course making progress


4. Home Full Body Sculpting

Duration:4 weeks
Location:At Home
Workouts per week:4 - 5
You'll need:Yoga mat, dumbbells, resistance band
Focus:Full Body 

Training on InShape App

  • Able to control your time training long/short as you wish
  • Able to adjust your circuit that match with your levels
  • Extend longer/shorter/skip break whenever you want
  • Access to all InShape home and gym programs
  • Customized plans, standalone routines, cardio, HIIT, yoga, stretching, warm up...
  • Skip the exercises you don’t really enjoy or not suitable for you
  • Swap the exercises to easier or harder levels for faster progress
  • Mix up standalone routines to create your own favorite playlists
  • Each exercise included video demonstration + instructions
  • No ads
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